I run a blog called Blue Cat Review on Blogger. It started as a fashion, home decor, and art blog in 2014. Late in 2016, I started adding book reviews to it and eventually converted it to a book review blog exclusively. I had a Word Press blog in 2014 before I switched to Blogger. I had problems with it and went looking for a simpler platform. That’s how I ended up on Blogger. I have always wondered if I should give Word Press another chance, so here I am. Running two blogs simultaneously. Hopefully, not losing my mind trying to do. I’m hoping that by using the same content on the two blogs will allow me to compare the two platforms fairly.

Please, feel free to take a look at both blogs. I encourage you to leave feedback on content and on the blogs themselves so that I can really compare things here and there… http://www.bluecatreview.us/

Thanks, Judi


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks, Harini! I admire the “clean and neat” look and the “sophisticated” or “artistic” looks, but I always end up with CUTE! I’ve done it again!

      Yes, Blogger is very easy to navigate. That’s why I stayed with it so long. But the community that exists on WP doesn’t seem to be there. WP seems so much friendlier. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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      1. Ikr ? I’ve tried to find another place because the wp is so limiting …but then , there are so many wonderful people that we just can’t leave . WP has become a bloggers get together place these days 🙂

        And cute is amazing ! A lot of blogs are sophisticated and artistic , but cute is new ^_^

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